Ruza, March 17-18, 2018

Ruza Aquatic Center


Address: Ruza — Moscow region, Russia
Severnyj MKR., 10

The 50m pool (10 lanes). Size: 50х25 m, maximum depth 6 m. Equipped with a professional starting blocks, electronic OMEGA timing system, scoreboard and bleachers for 2,500 spectators.

Ruza (Moscow Region), Russia
March 17-18, 2017 (Sat-Sun)
Ruza Aquatic Center
Short Course

16th March
9:00-19:00Arriving day, official teams training
11:00-18:00Credentials committee
18:00Meeting with team representatives
19:00Meeting with officials
17st March
8:45-15:30Warm up pool working hrs.
 Girl’s EventsFinals:Boy’s Events
 9:30-12:301st Age group 150m Breaststroke2
3100m Butterfly4
550m Freestyle6
7200m Backstroke8
 Girl’s EventsFinals:Boy’s Events
 13:00-15:302nd Age group 950m Breaststroke10
11100m Butterfly12
1350m Freestyle14
15200m Backstroke16
18th March
8:45-17:30Warm up pool working hrs.
 Girl’s EventsFinals:Boy’s Events
  9:30-13:301st Age group 1750m Butterfly18
19100m Breaststroke20
2150m Backstroke22
23200m Freestyle24
25Relay: 4x50m Medley, mixed25
 Girl’s EventsFinals:Boy’s Events
  14:00-17:302nd Age group 2650m Butterfly27
28100m Breaststroke29
3050m Backstroke31
32200m Freestyle33
34Relay: 4x50m Medley, mixed34

Please note: schedule is due to change upon the completion of the meeting of credential committee.

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