St. Petersburg, January 20-21, 2018

Nevskaya Volna Aquatic Center

ADDRESS: Russia — St. Petersburg,
John reed str.Bld. 8/2 (m. Prospekt Bolshevikov)

The Center includes:

The pool is 50×25 m with a capacity of 1000 seats

Pool 33,3×25 m with stands for 1500 seats

Two pools for swimming training of children of early age

Two gym sports

Universal gym

Dance hall

Meeting room3

Café for 50 seats

St. Petersburg, Russia
January 20-21, 2018 (Sat-Sun)
Nevskaya Volna Aquatic Center
Short Course


19th January
9:00-19:00Arriving day, 
11:00-18:00Credentials committee 
18:00Meeting with team representatives
19:00Meeting with officials 
20th January
8:30-14:30Warm up pool working hrs. 
 Girl’s EventsFinals: Boy’s Events
 9:00-11:301st Age group 150m Breaststroke2
3200m Butterfly4
550m Freestyle6
7100m Backstroke8
 Girl’s EventsFinals: Boy’s Events
 12:00-14:302nd Age group 950m Breaststroke10
11200m Butterfly12
1350m Freestyle14
15100m Backstroke16
21st January
9:00-15:00Warm up pool working hrs. 
 Girl’s EventsFinals: Boy’s Events
  9:30 – 12:001st Age group 1750m Butterfly18
19200m Breaststroke 20
2150m Backstroke22
23100m Freestyle24
25Relay: 4x50m Medley, mixed25
 Girl’s EventsFinals: Boy’s Events
  12:30 – 15:002nd Age group 2650m Butterfly27
28200m Breaststroke 29
3050m Backstroke31
32100m Freestyle33
34Relay: 4x50m Medley, mixed34
Please note: schedule is due to change upon the completion of the meeting of credential committee.

Please feel free to contact hotel and catering representative via e-mail: